FoxStat - tool for recording and analyzing data lines

Why using FoxStat

  • Fast tracking the network problem source. It analyzes the usual daily operation of the network, load lines and individual protocols. It also supports the security of sensitive information leaks, and check for unexpected and undesirable load line connections.
  • Packet details used to detect communication, which can then be composed into systems.
  • It oversees and monitors the downloaded files using the Internet and corporate applications.

FoxStat Benefits

  • FoxStat is used for current and reverse debugging without data aggregation. Everything is available in second samples.
  • Analysis of data traffic is used to optimize data lines. An overview of compliance with partnership agreements is also available (SLA, QoS).
  • Working with FoxStat means emphasis on the speed of results, as well as a simple and intuitive working environment control.
DEMO sonda.JPG Try working with tool FoxStat. Details SCREENSHOTS / SCREENCAST sonda.JPG Screencast of using and screenshots application FoxStat Details DATASHEET & PREZENTATION sonda.JPG PDF propagation fayer and PPT prezentation of product FoxStat. Details